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Thank you for your interest in Gravitas VIZ. We strive to provide you with optimal service, direct results, with a production cost that meets your budget.  To provide you with an accurate estimate for your project we simply need some basic information.  Information can be in the form of plans, elevations, sketches, photos, verbal descriptions, etc. – just about anything that helps evaluate the scope and schedule of your project. 

Once we receive this information we will provide an estimate with an overview on the scope and schedule for your review so we can ensure your goals are met.  

Don’t have a lot of information available – not a problem! Just send us what you have and give us a call we can go over your project on the phone!  All information is kept strictly confidential.


Marcus Moorehead
GravitasVIZ / Gravitas Media, Inc.
(888) 520-9550

    Please submit your project information and we will provide you with a quick quote within 2-4 hours. If you need immediate assistance please call (888) 520-9550 or (713) 520-1075 x113. Thank you for your interest in GravitasVIZ!

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