NEXT-GEN Design: 360VR + 4D

Experience the new: Redefining the perception of design. Experience the new: Redefining the perception of design. Experience your design in a whole new way Immerse yourself inside the design

*simulation above

Explore your design in a whole new way and experience it from within the space.  With the advances in virtual reality and ease of viewing, a new medium has emerged with endless possibilities. Gravitas VIZ not only is delivering this advancement to you we are reshaping the rules of design exploration and 360° storytelling. We bring the feeling of wonder and exploration to your clients so they can experience your design like never before.

Until now when we thought about 3D in architecture it meant creating a photorealistic rendering or animation of the space that accurately represented the lighting, materials, reflections of the design.   Lighting and focal length techniques were used to simulate the actual depth or “4D” of the space.  With the new ease and availability of viewers like Samsung VR Gear and Oculus Rift.  Clients can now actually see depth perception and move within the design to allow them to experience and explore as never before.


4D immersive scene, 3D immersive Scene

4D Hotel Lobby: Right click and select “save as” to download


4D Cafe / Industrial Lobby: Right click and select “save as” to download


4D hotel Model Room: Right click and select “save as” to download

Best results occur when viewing the image using a Samsung Gear VR device but other viewers like google cardboard and a smartphone can be used to get similar results.

To view the sample image using a Samsung phone and Gear VR, simply click on the image above and download (right click large image and select “save image”. You just need to get the image file into the right location for the 360 Photo App on your Samsung phone to find it easily. You can use an SD card, or through your phone’s root directory, simply create or find a folder called Oculus. In that Oculus folder, create another folder called 360Photos. And in the 360Photos folder, finally create a third folder of your own naming, such as “360 3DVR Samples. Place the downloaded image into the folder and launch Oculus 360 Photos using your Samsung Gear VR.  That’s it!

Why not experience this new tool for yourself.  For a limited time Gravitas is offering a sample 360 VR of your next interior project.  Simply submit your project information below and we get back to you within 24 hours:

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